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Youngstown Iron & Metal, Inc.
Atlas Recycling, Inc.

Youngstown Iron & Metal, Inc. and Atlas Recycling, Inc. are value added processors of recycled Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals. Both companies serve steel mills and foundries in the Eastern United States and around the World. Youngstown Iron & Metal and Atlas Recycling maintain meaningful relationships with corporations and mills in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Asia. International quality control standards govern our manufacturing processes; making our products virtually sell themselves. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and customer service through continued improvement by refining our processes that adhere to our strict business model. YIM & ARI have been exporting scrap for many years. We forecast steady growth for all of our scrap metal products and anticipate significant growth in our international markets.

Our professionalism is best exemplified by our detail-oriented, well-trained, and knowledgeable personnel. Empowering our people allows our corporation to achieve maximum efficiency and support our customers with reliable and consistent products. Our commitment to people, quality, and environmental responsibility helps differentiate us from our competition. Systematic management of assets, economies of scale, and market opportunities ensure our success in the world marketplace. We encourage our determined, willing, and able-bodied work force to reach beyond the traditional ways of doing business.

Green Vendors Green Vendor Our Green Vendor program is designed to help all of our suppliers with environmental compliance, and eliminate any non-conforming recycled materials from entering into any of our processes. We sign a Material Control Contract with every Green Vendor to promote awareness of the dangers of prohibited materials. For this commitment, our Green Vendors are guaranteed a premium pricing schedule for delivering high-quality recycled materials.

International Scrap Brokerage & Sales International Scrap Brokerage & Sales YIM & ARI have been exporting scrap for many years and we continue to grow our international business. We buy and sell scrap throughout the Caribbean, South America, and the Far East. We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering products sold at a fair price for use in the Mill and Foundry industries around the world. Scrap Suppliers have enjoyed our open and honest brokerage for years.

Dealer & Large Vendor Volume Pricing Dealer & Large Vendor Volume Pricing We work closely with our dealers to provide the required volumes and types of recycled materials that serve the on-going needs of our customers. We take great pride in rewarding these suppliers with the highest prices and best possible service to meet the changing requirements of our clients, and the Recycling Industry as a whole. We sign Material Control Contracts with each supplier to exclude all unacceptable materials from our recycling processes to protect the best interests of the environment, our customers, employees and the communities that we serve.

Auto Crushing & Mobile Services Auto Crushing & Mobile Services Our Mobile Automobile Crushers travel throughout the tri-state area and provide auto wreckers an unprecedented level of quality and service. Our crews are well trained in all areas of environmental awareness. They quickly and efficiently process auto hulks for transport on our own car-carriers. Our ability to meet our customers' needs is best demonstrated by our commitment to increased efficiency by minimizing crushing time and costs through the duration of the project. We leaving an aesthetically pleasing Yard after the job is complete. We thoroughly complete each job, every time; and strive to find ways to provide better mobile services to help our customers.

Demolition Services Demolition Services Our knowledge of the Scrap Recycling Industry, scrap processing capabilities, and our customer relationships throughout the world provide our organization the ability to deliver the "Total Demolition Solution". Our years of experience, knowledge of environmental regulations and our ability to provide an extremely capable team guarantees a timely conclusion to meet the deadlines of the project. Our goal is to maximize financial return for our clients and leave an esthetically pleasing and environmentally safe property after the demolition has been completed.

Industrial Container Services Industrial Container Services We provide Container Services including Lugger and Roll-off boxes of varying sizes. We provide flatbed trailers to meet the needs of any Industrial Organization's scrap recycling needs. Our fleet of trucks are well maintained and our courteous and professional drivers are eager to help in any way they can. We pride ourselves on our aggressive pricing structures and the ability to provide flexible and creative solutions to meet the dynamic scrap recycling requirements of our customers. Download a PDF of our Industrial Container Dispatch Request Form.

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