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Company History

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Long, Long Ago, in a Scrap Yard Far Away...

In the mid-1970s recycling was beginning to make a difference in America. Appliances and automobiles were a blight on the landscape and dramatic changes were taking place in the steel industry. With the introduction of the electric arc furnace, mills were able to recycle significantly larger volumes of scrap. At this time, our founder Harold "Bud" Wilhelm recognized an opportunity to profit from the abundance of feed-stock and growing market demand while helping the environment; and as a result, Atlas Auto Crushers was born. Bud knew then that a flawless reputation for fairness, honesty, and payment, are the recipe for Exponential growth. In the mid 1990s, management saw the industry dominated by the large processors and a diminishing market share. The management team decided to expand into another niche market. In a single year we doubled our volume of processed scrap, and doubled the number of jobs available to hardworking personnel in the Youngstown area. With the installation of a 3500 horsepower Newell automobile shredder, we successfully positioned ourselves as a dominant force in the scrap metal market.

Where we are today

Atlas Recycling and Youngstown Iron and Metal are sister corporations operating under the same Wilhelm family ownership. Atlas has been in operation since 1977 while Youngstown Iron opened it's doors in 1997. ARI operates a fleet of trucks servicing clients throughout the region. Atlas services clients of all sizes ranging from General Motors to a small farmer in rural Ohio. ARI also processes and transports scrap metal through the use of its mobile shears and crushers, which can be deployed within the region. YIM processes scrap with it's 3500 HP shredder and state of the art material separation systems. Youngstown Iron and Metal currently enjoys the status of being the largest scrap supplier to our neighbor, V&M Star Steel in Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown Iron is serviced by the Ohio Central Rail System and consequently offers transportation of product by rail to anywhere it can be reasonably delivered.

Both companies process transactions with modern computerized state-certified scales which are calibrated within 20 pounds each month by a reputable ISO certified external calibration entity. Through this state of the art precision, and a system of statistical process control, YIM and ARI are able to virtually eliminate the human factors in processing your product, making sure the customer receives the most accurate totals available. Both companies offer Guaranteed and Certificated destruction to our clients as needed. Youngstown Iron and Metal provides an outlet for quality ferrous and non-ferrous sales through our "Green Vendor" program. All in-house processes comply with international quality and environmental standards. Our strategy is to effectively serve the industry and provide environmental awareness and consciousness, by offering a system of continuous improvement to serve our Customers, Employees, Vendors, and the Environment.

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