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Our Commitment

Youngstown Iron and Metal Inc. and Atlas Recycling Inc. are value added processors of recycled metals We provide many finished products to production mills and foundries in the Eastern United States and throughout the world. Our partners, our customers, vendors and employees know that we will do whatever it takes to deliver the best products and services at a fair price. We strive to deliver our products on time, every time, while building and strengthening our relationships with the global community and the environment.

Intense planning and systemization of procedures help us to produce the most consistent products possible. Professionalism, exemplified by well-trained, knowledgeable, and uniformed personnel provide continuous improvement and position us to serve the needs of the world marketplace. Our commitment to people, quality and environmental responsibility differentiate us from the competition. Many claim to perform, but few ever succeed. We strive each day to make our products, industry, partners, and community better for being involved with Youngstown Iron & Metal and Atlas Recycling.

Todays Scrap Market is evolving at an unprecedented rate and there has never been a better time to recycle that old copper wire sitting out in the shed! Whether you are bringing a small truckload of metals as a first time customer, or contracting a large scale construction job; our purchasing team will meet your needs with competitive prices and friendly service. We buy a wide assortment of scrap metals to be processed in our on-site Newell Shredder. We are an environmentally friendly facility and you can be sure that our facilities comply with all federal, state, and local statutes. For more information regarding the purchase of your scrap metals, please contact 1-888-743-9001.

Both YIM and ARI are ISO #9001:2000 registered firms. ISO #9001 is a quality operations standard published by the International Organization for Standardization. Both companies are also ISO #14000 Compliant, the Environmental Standard.

Plain and simply, we are in the recycling business. So why should a recycling industry do more harm to the environment than good? It shouldn't. There are countless environmental concerns in the Scrap Industry from Fluorocarbon emissions to Mercury pollution, and we do everything in our power to ensure that we exclude these and other controlled materials from entering any of our processes. That's why we've been working with the ISO #14001 Standard to help better the way we and our customers care for the environment. But that's not all, our own internal policies go above and beyond the ever-increasing guidelines of the Federal Government.

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