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Industrial Container Services

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Stationary Boxes for your Scrap Products

We provide Industrial Container Services including Lugger and Roll-off boxes of varying sizes. We also provide flatbed trailers to meet the needs of any Industrial Organization's scrap recycling needs. Our fleet of trucks are well maintained and our courteous and professional drivers are eager to help in any way they can. We pride ourselves on our aggressive pricing structures and the ability to provide flexible and creative solutions to meet the changing scrap recycling requirements of our customers. Contact us today for all of your industrial recycling needs.

Today's stringent regulations make it difficult to meet steel production standards. With foreign investors consuming an ever growing portion of our country's recyclable materials, we understand how difficult it is for steel mills to meet the heavy requirements set forth by our Governments. That's why at Youngstown Iron and Metal, we have a stringent inspection policy on both inbound and outbound materials to ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered timely to your doorstep. Each container is inspected by hand as it is loaded to ensure that every load meets the specifications of the customer. Youngstown Iron and Metal produces multiple grades of products for shipment anywhere throughout the world. For complete product availability, please visit our Products List, or call 1-888-743-9001.

Youngstown Iron and Metal and Atlas Recycling offer a wide array of shipping options for our clients. YIM and ARI offer pickup service throughout Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania via a fleet of company owned and operated trucks. We also offer roll-off, lugger, mobile shear, mobile crusher, and flatbed services. We offer direct shipment to mills via truck or rail to provide the most cost-effective freight available for our clients. We are serviced by the Ohio Central Rail System which enables us to offer delivery service by rail car anywhere in the continental United States. In addition, we also ship our products globally via international carriers through many ports throughout the world. Please inquire at 1-888-743-9001 or download our Dispatch Form for further details.

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