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Our Facilities

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Quality Service you can Count On

The Youngstown Iron & Metal facility is strategically located to transport commodities throughout the United States and Abroad. We reside in one of the largest transportation hubs in the United States with direct highway connections to all major cities on the east and west coasts. This facility processes both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials with a Hammermill Shredder and our state-of-the-art material separation technology. We bring the highest quality recycled materials directly to your doorstep. Our 3500 Horse Power Shredder and Stationary Shear allow us to quickly and efficiently process recyclable materials and provide maximum value for our suppliers; while our Nonferrous Operations ensure that no metals go unrecycled. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest-possible quality products for use in mills and foundries around the world.

Our Atlas Recycling Yard is located in the Greater Youngstown / Warren, Ohio area. ARI services clients of all sizes as a repository for commodity reclamation and exchange. We operate a fleet of trucks to service our industrial container customers, portable mobile crushing, portable shearing, and roll-off equipment to serve our customers needs. Atlas Recycling sets the standards for flexibility and mobility and we emphasize personalized customer service that is unparalleled in the scrap industry. Our experienced staff is always prepared to fulfill our customers needs with fast, fair, and friendly service. Our efficient non-ferrous and ferrous operations allow us to accept nearly any ammount or grade of material.

Our Stationary Shear is capable of preparing any material
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